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Dallas County Community College District Proposition A

Shall the Board of Trustees of Dallas County Community College District (the “District”), be authorized to issue and sell the bonds and notes of the District as authorized by law at the time of issuance thereof, in the aggregate principal amount of $1,102,000,000, for the purpose of constructing, improving, renovating and equipping school buildings of the District and acquiring real property therefor; with said bonds or notes to be issued in one or more series or issues, to mature serially or otherwise not to exceed 40 years from their date and bear interest at such rate or rates, not to exceed the respective limits prescribed by law at the time of issuance, and to be sold at such price or prices, as the Board of Trustees in its discretion shall determine; and shall there be levied and pledged, assessed and collected annually Ad Valorem taxes on all taxable property in the District in an amount sufficient, within the limits prescribed by law, to pay the annual interest on said bonds and notes and the costs of any credit agreements executed or authorized in anticipation of, in relation to, or in connection with said bonds and notes; with said bonds and notes to be issued and said taxes to be levied, pledged, assessed, and collected under the Constitution and laws of the state of Texas, including the Texas Education Code.